About Us

Westway Christian Church represents the diversity of the neighbourhood she is in with people of all ethnicity from Africa, Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. There is sure to be someone like you at Westway Christian Church. Whether you grew up in the church, grew up Catholic or have never been part of a church before. Grace and acceptance await everyone who joins us for worship or any of our churches activities.

Westway Christian Church was started 55 years ago in what was then a newly developed suburb of Toronto. Today we are located in one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in North America. Everyone is welcome at Westway regardless of their skin colour, language, religious background or nationality.

We offer acceptance and friendship to anyone new to Canada, Toronto, or our neighbourhood.

Westway Christian Church is a part of the brotherhood of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ throughout the world that seek to restore biblical Christianity. All that we do in life and as a church, we do according to the scriptures.

Today we seek to be faithful in the call of Christ to make disciples of all peoples, here in our neighbourhood, in our city and around the world.